Social Commitment

Janela para o Mundo

Social Commitment

We believe in a business based on sustainability and positive transformations in the regions where we operate.

Our social initiatives are aligned with our value proposition, building two-way relationships, capable of providing mutual benefits for all our stakeholders.

Omega targets social investment on projects that contribute to social- economic development of local economies and implementation of public policies, building effective and positive relationships with our neighboring communities. We invest in social projects with structural and transformational potential, which foster and encourage the local economy as well as education initiatives.

Investments and Social projects are based on social indicators (HDI, schooling, per capta income,etc.)  from official research institutes and agencies such as the IBGE and the Atlas of Human Development in Brazil, as well as the engagement of Public Authorities and communities.

Created to seek a meaningful and sustainable transformation through specific solutions to local problems, “Window to the World” encompasses different projects aligned with Omega´s values, current norms and public policies.

Divided into the stages of diagnostic, alignment with the community and deployment, Window to the World programs are created regarding the needs of each community. Initiatives range from one-off support to recurring programs.

Technical Program Renewable Energy Systems

In partnership with State of Piauí Government (Secretary of Education and Culture – SEDUC) and the Federal Government (The Ministry of Education MEC PRONATEC – National Program of Access to Technical Education and Employment – and the IFPI – Federal Institute of Piauí)

Renewable Energy Lab in IFPI

Omega installed and equipped a technical room that works as a renewable energy lab, reference for the Technical Course in Renewable Energy inside the IFPI (Federal Institute of Piauí ) Parnaíba campus.

Circuito Patrimônio Vivo da Ilha (The Island´s Living Heritage Route) / Culture Map

Created to recognize and value the cultural heritage, tangible and intangible, of Ilha Grande de Santa Isabel, located in the Delta do Parnaíba , in Piauí, the Patrimônio Vivo (Living Heritage ) route was born in 2012, and involved 600 students, 90% of the 18 public schools, 69% of the 184 teachers, and 32% of the Island’s students; 66% of such teachers had never developed any project regarding local culture before.

Education Center “Janela para o Mundo”

On January 27th of 2017, Omega inaugurated its Education Center Janela para o Mundo in the community of Labino, in Ilha Grande. The center has two classrooms, one of these a computer lab, equipped with 20 computers, and collective living rooms to welcome students on the school second shift.

Sports Court

On January 27, 2017, Omega inaugurated a Sports Court in the Labino community, near the “Janela para o Mundo” Education Center, as another leisure option in the region. A call for proposals to encourage sports practices in the Island should be launched later this year.

Partnership with the Police

A partnership with the local military police was celebrated to intensify policing in the communities, especially in Labino and Pedra do Sal, in exchange for a small reform in the current police station of Ilha Grande and the construction of a guardhouse in Pedra do Sal, which supports local police operations.

Fighting overfishing

There are periods of the year when the fishery is more abundant, attracting fishing vessels from other parts of the Delta coast (from the CEARÁ to MARANHÃO), engaging in shrimp trawling that becomes environmentally predatory and damages artesanal fishing and income of local families.

Creation of Associations and Circuito do Patrimônio Vivo da Ilha

Omega Energia believes in strengthening local associations by providing financial resources via public calls. To this end, the company carried out trainings and offered technical support to nine associations located around the Delta 1 complex in Piauí.

Teacher and Local Leadership Training

In order to mobilize and engage the school community in the project, a week of training was held with teachers, local leaders and students from Monjolos.

2016 Monjolos Cultural Week

February 2016, The municipality of Monjolos, through the Secretary of Culture , organized a cultural week , when various cultural events and actions were held.


In 2016, At the Municipal School Mayor Geraldo Moreira da Costa, Omega Energia built and equipped a new library ensuring that the 300 new books acquired could be used by every individual in the community (school and family).

Computer lab

In 2016, At the State School “Imaculada Conceição” , Omega built, furnished and conceived the logical network infrastructure of a new Computer Lab, ensuring that new computers could be used by every individual in the community (school and family).

Delta Maranhão Complex

Installed capacity
426 MW

Paulino Neves and Barreirinhas | MA

Delta Piauí Complex

Installed capacity
144,8 MW

Parnaíba and Ilha Grande | PI

Serra das Agulhas SHP

Installed capacity
30,0 MW

Monjolos and Rio Pardo Pequeno | MG

Pirapora Complex

Installed capacity
321 MW

Pirapora | MG

Assuruá Complex

Installed capacity
353 MW

Gentio do Ouro | Bahia

Complexo Indaiás

Installed capacity
32,5 MW

Cassilândia, Indaiá Grande river | MS

Gargaú wind plant

Installed capacity
28,1 MW

São Francisco do Itabapoana | RJ

Pipoca SHP

Installed capacity
20,0 MW

Ipanema, Manhuaçu river | MG