Social, environmental, economic, and financial

We believe that by engendering to play a comprehensive, respectful and effective role promoting balance to the economic, social and environmental dimensions is a decisive and determining factor to our success.

Omega Energia’s sustainable management is based on a solid environmental responsibility policy whose commitment goes beyond legal requirements.

Energy nourishes economic prosperity, in areas such as: industry, agribusinesses, and so far. Brazil has countless alternatives to produce cheap, clean and renewable energy, and fostering investments on generation is core to reduce unemployment and combat inflation.

With low environmental impact, clean renewable energy is a propellant agent of the sustainable growth. Aligned with these premises, Omega’s ethics and innovative management unleashes the company to contribute with Brazil’s infrastructure and energy generation expansion, counting multiple opportunities and encouraging progress.

Our commitment to sustainability also applies to our supply chain. Omega prioritizes partners with advanced levels of ISO certification and occupational safety, corporate governance and employees quality of life programs , once there are thousands of collaborators employed and impacted by Omega amid its projects.

The first phase of Delta 2 generated 700 direct jobs and flourished the economy of Piaiú’s coastline in over R$ 3 million, due to the amounts related to the lease of lands for Omega’s projects. On its second phase, the amounts rose to over R$ 7 million, generating over 1,200 direct jobs. Involved in encouraging local hiring to scale up regional development, Omega structured its social responsibility initiatives in two pillars: education and income generation.