Omega Energia

Who We Are

Founded in 2008, Omega Energia is an energy company engaged in generating clean and renewable energy performing under the highest operational, economic and sustainability standards.

The critical role we play to Brazil’s sustainable growth stems from the production of clean, cheap and safe energy boosting the competitiveness of our clients and country.

We conduct business having a commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards, fostering a solid relationship with stakeholders and managing the execution and operation of our assets with excellence. We envision to bring company and society together creating shared value considering that our business longevity is driven not only by the financial results but also by the development and empowerment of people and communities surrounding our projects.

We currently operate 19 projects with a renewable energy installed capacity of  476.2 MW in the states of Maranhão, Piauí, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro. In 2019, 2 new projects – Delta 5 and Delta 6 – located in Maranhão and totaling an installed capacity of 108 MW will be put on stream to our portfolio, leading annual expected generation to 3,007 GWh. In addition to that, we also have over 3,0GW portfolio under development.

Our group is composed of two main companies that became national benchmarks in their respective fields:

  • Omega Geração is fully dedicated to production and commercialization of energy generated from its operating assets.
  • Omega Desenvolvimento is engaged exclusively in prospecting, licensing and building new renewable energy assets holding a far-reaching portfolio spread throughout the country.

Moreover, considering the projects arisen from Omega Geração and Omega Desenvolvimento and thinking about the large consumers, Omega Soluções, the commercial arm of the Group, delivers strategic energy management solutions aiming for cost reduction and energy derived from renewable and sustainable sources.

Our Group holds a solid corporate governance and a growing investor base . The Group is controlled by its co-founder Tarpon Investimentos, and managed by its co-founders Mr. Antonio Augusto Torres de Bastos Filho (CEO – Omega Geração) and Mr. Gustavo Barros Mattos (Engineering and Implementation Director), along with a highly-qualified team partaking of  the company’s sustainable growth.

Leveraging the collective strengths, synergies and combined know-how of the group’s companies represent critical competitive advantages as well as offer ample investment alternatives to a diverse set of investors’ profiles regarding risk/return among the group’s companies.

Omega’s key figures

5 states

Assets spread throughout the country

23 power plants

19 operating, 4 under construction

3,000 MW

Pipeline of portfolio projects


Our Mission

Provide sustainable energy through an effective network comprised of our people, customers, investors and communities, generating prosperity for all through superior returns.

Network of Relationships

Omega nurtures a close relationship network with its stakeholders, encouraging engagement and communication, with the aim of creating value to everyone involved in its assets.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, composed of founders, shareholders and independent members who combine complementary and valuable experiences and skills, establishes corporate strategies, sets the strategic direction and oversees management.

The By-laws provide that the Board shall consist of two independent members forming the majority of the Related Parties Transactions Committee that, pursuant to the regulations and ensuring transparency, evaluates and recommends related parties transactions. The Committee targets to guarantee the independence among Omega’s companies and that each company and shareholders’ objectives are respected with no interference.


Our management team is composed of highly and irrevocably committed individuals acting as owners and devoted to best practices. The team has high technical and operational expertise, broad experience in developing and operating generation assets, unique investments background in the sector, as well as opportunities identification and execution of acquisitions. Our team is driven by results and opportunities are based on merit for incentive grounds.