Omega Geração

Clean, sustainable energy

Omega Geração

Founded in 2008, Omega Geração is an energy company engaged in generating clean and renewable energy performing under the highest operational, economic and sustainability standards. Omega Geração is fully dedicated to production and commercialization of energy without any development nor implementation exposure and focused on wind, hydro and solar sources.

Omega Geração, a leading Brazilian renewable energy company, is an investment platform focused exclusively on wind, hydro and solar operational projects.

Listed in “Novo Mercado” (ticker: OMGE3), the highest level of corporate governance in the Brazilian stock exchange B3, the Company has a portfolio of 744.7 MW and is expected to reach 1,145 MW when all announced M&As are closed.

Targeting superior returns, Omega is driven by four pillars: (i) the consolidation of high quality renewables assets in Brazil on the back of M&A transactions and drop-ins from development partners; (ii) the operation of renewable assets with the highest efficiency, quality and sustainability standards; (iii) the continuous development of a top notch, problem solver organization, capable of creating tangible value for all its stakeholders; and (iv) the fostering of solid corporate values and governance practices.

We pursue an increased distribution of earnings to our shareholders, supported by the cash generation of our current assets and the continuing growth of our market-share through the acquisition of operating assets from third parties and our developer partners in transactions that create economic value to our shareholders.

Omega Geração’s power plants rely on a skillful and experienced O&M team and are operated to the highest standards of quality and sustainability due to a pioneering approach that combines low costs with high availability. Our goal is to widen our portfolio through inorganic growth with high quality assets that can be purchased either from Omega Desenvolvimento or third parties.

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