Omega Desenvolvimento

Omega Desenvolvimento

With an innovative strategy, Omega Desenvolvimento is engaged exclusively in prospecting, and building new renewable energy assets, fostering financial return and environmental responsibility.

Omega Desenvolvimento is a Brazilian leading renewable energy company delivering superior yield to its investor since 2008. Creating value through prospecting, developing, licensing, engineering and implementing wind, hydro and solar assets is our drive. The company currently holds a 3.000MW portfolio under development and is implementing new projects located in the Delta cluster.

Most of the energy was sold in the A-5 auction in 2013, but also in the short-term free market and in the A-3 2015. The complex is composed of three wind farms with a total of 34 wind turbines and an installed capacity of 74.8 MW, powering about 350 thousand people.

Delta 3 will double Omega’s generation capacity: in its first phase, the eight wind farms will have 220.8MW of installed capacity, enough to power approximately 700,000 homes. The first wind farm in Maranhão already had R$ 1.5 billion (about 1% of the state’s GDP) of investments. Construction began in February 2016 and is expected to be completed in the second half of 2017.

Located in the municipalities of Paulino Neves and Barreirinhas, in Maranhão, the Delta 3 complex has a total of 96 wind turbines, each with a generation capacity of 2.3 MW. The energy was sold in government auctions (A-3 in August 2015 – 193.2 MW, and LER in November 2015 – 27.6 MW). The projected capacity factor for the complex is 57.1%.

The project will significantly encourage and promote the development of the region, one of the country’s lowest Human Development Index (HDI). In terms of infrastructure, Omega enabled the construction of a 36-kilometer road linking Barreirinhas and Paulino Neves, a region’s residents long desire.